Does addiction mean that Rahu in your life is bad or negative?

Is Addiction a Sign of Bad Rahu

As per hindu Vedic astrology,  the navagraha are of immense importance and they impact various aspects of our lives. When we talk about addiction or any other kind of addiction, then a question comes Is it all due to negative Rahu?  Is Rahu graha responsible for the Addiction? Is Rahu really the cause of addiction? Let’s know more about it in detail and get answers!

Importance and Effects of Rahu

Rahu, which is considered a shadow planet in Vedic astrology, has no direct physical existence. This planet is not like other planets in the vedic astrology system, but it represents the Rahu Ketu points of the Sun and Moon. Rahu is often associated with confusion, illusion, and mysterious events. It has a profound effect on the mental and emotional aspects of a person.

Rahu and Mental Health

Rahu’s effect can be clearly seen on mental health. This graha represents confusion, uncertainty, and uncontrolled desires. When Rahu dominates a person’s horoscope, the person may experience mental disturbance, instability, and stress. This situation may push the person towards addiction or any other kind of unhealthy habits.

Is Rahu always negative?

It is important that we understand that the influence of Rahu is not always negative. In fact, Rahu is a planet that inspires a person to explore, innovate, and have new experiences. The positive influence of Rahu can help a person reach new heights in life. This planet increases the ambitions of the person and motivates him to take risks.

Rahu and addiction

When we talk about addiction, it is not necessarily caused only by the negative influence of Rahu. Addiction can be the result of many factors, including social, psychological, and personal factors. The influence of Rahu may play a role in this process, but it is only one factor.

Rahu can push a person to try new and unusual things, which can sometimes lead to addiction. But, if Rahu is managed positively, it can lead a person to a path of positive innovation and discovery.

Position of Rahu in the Kundali

To understand the position of Rahu and its effects, it is necessary to study the horoscope of the person in depth. The effect of Rahu depends on its position in the horoscope, its conjunction with other planets, and its Dasha-Antardasha.

Dasha and Antardasha of Rahu

The Dasha and Antardasha of Rahu determine the important events and experiences in a person’s life. During the Mahadasha of Rahu, a person may experience the effects of Rahu more intensely. This time can cause significant changes and upheavals in a person’s life.

Favourable and unfavourable effects of Rahu

The favourable effects of Rahu can make a person successful in the field of innovation, research, and new technologies. On the contrary, the unfavourable effects can make a person confused, anxious, and unstable. The problem of addiction can often be the result of the unfavourable effects, but its solution is also possible through astrological remedies.

Astrological Remedies and Solutions

If the effect of Rahu is negative and it is causing the problem of addiction, then there are many astrological remedies available for it. These remedies can help reduce the negative effect of Rahu and bring balance in the life of the person.  Though there are many remedies to keep Rahu graha under control, but here we will let you know about the major ones:

Mantras and Puja for Rahu

Chanting Rahu mantras and worshipping Rahu can be extremely effective in reducing the negative effects of Rahu. Chanting the Beej Mantra of Rahu can reduce the mental stress of a person and help him get rid of addiction.

  • In Sanskrit: ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः राहवे नमः॥
  • In English: Om Bhram Bhreem Bhraum Sah Rahave Namah

Wearing Gemstones

Wearing Hessonite (Gaumed/गोमेद) gemstone can also be an effective remedy to reduce the negative effects of Rahu. This gemstone can bring positivity in a person’s life by reducing the negative effects of Rahu. You can get it embedded in a ring, make a necklace or keep it as stone in pocket, wallet, or purse to get its positive energy!

Donation and Other Remedies

Donation and other remedies can also be done to reduce the effects of Rahu. Donating clothes, metals, and other things related to Rahu can calm the effects of Rahu. Apart from this, meditation and yoga can also be extremely effective in reducing the effects of Rahu.


Rahu has an impact on various aspects of our lives, and addiction can be one of them. But it is not necessary that the effects of Rahu are always negative. Rahu motivates a person to explore, innovate, and have new experiences, and if managed correctly, it can bring positive changes in a person’s life.

Addiction is not just the result of the negative effects of Rahu, but it can be the result of many factors. Through proper astrological remedies and proper management, the negative effects of Rahu can be reduced and balance and positivity can be brought into a person’s life.

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