5 Sign of Weak Rahu, their effects and Solutions

signs of weak rahu

Rahu has a significant place in Vedic astrology. It is considered a shadow planet, which exerts deep and invisible influences in various spheres of life. There can be many signs of a weak Rahu that can lead to significant events and problems in our lives. In this article, we will understand the signs of weak Rahu in detail and discuss their consequences.

What is Rahu?

Rahu is a chhaya graha like Ketu in Indian astrology vedic science, which appears along with the Sun and Moon during eclipses. It is considered a factor of eclipses and is associated with sudden events in life, deception, illusion, and foreign affairs. When Rahu is weak in a person’s horoscope, it can have various negative effects in a person’s life and it is very dangerous.

Signs of Weak Rahu

A vedic astrologer by analyzing your kundli can easily finds that what’s wrong with your life. If it is related to Rahu, then it will informed, but if you are not interested to visit astrologer then there are some signs which indicates that Rahu is weak in your horoscope, and it might effect in various life spheres. Let’s take a look at these signs:

1. Mental instability and confusion

A Weak Rahu gives confusion and instability which keeps distract your mind from the necessary things. The person is often confused, having difficulty in deciding between right and wrong. Mental stress and anxiety also persist and These signs are often seen when Rahu is weak in the birth chart or is aspected by bad planets.

2. Health Problems

It has been seen many times if Rahu is weak in your birth chart then you often face stomach related problem. A weak Rahu forces the person to face unknown diseases and long-term health problems. Problems related to skin, stomach, and mental health are especially common and you should be alert that it is due to Rahu graha.

3. Sudden events

Weak Rahu can cause sudden events in a person’s life. These events are usually negative, such as accidents, financial losses, and legal problems. These events often occur without any prior signs and put the person in trouble.

4. Negativity in thoughts

Under the influence of weak Rahu, negativity and negative thinking dominate the person’s thoughts. The person feels insecure and lacks confidence. As a result, the person faces disappointment and sadness in life.

5. Problems in foreign affairs

Rahu is related to foreign affairs. Weak Rahu can cause problems in foreign travel, foreign jobs, or foreign relations. Losses in foreign trade, visa problems, and failure in other foreign affairs can be signs of weak Rahu.

Results of Weak Rahu

Weak Rahu can have many negative results. Some of the major results are discussed here:

1. Career Obstacles

Weak Rahu can cause career obstacles. The person may face problems like job instability, delay in promotions, and disputes with colleagues. Apart from this, there can be losses in business as well.

2. Financial Problems

The person may face financial problems due to the effects of weak Rahu. Problems like loss in investments, unnecessary expenses, and lack of money are common. The person should be careful in his financial matters.

3. Marital and Family Problems

Weak Rahu can also cause problems in marital and family life. Problems like instability in marriage, problems related to children, and family disputes are common. To find a solution to these problems, one should perform astrological remedies.

Remedies for Weak Rahu

Various astrological remedies can be adopted to reduce the effects of weak Rahu. Here are some of the major remedies:

1. Chanting Rahu Mantra

Chanting Rahu mantra is an important remedy. Regular chanting of the mantra “Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Sah Rahve Namah” can reduce the negative effects of Rahu.

You should chant this mantra everyday for 108 times before sunrise or after sunset. Do the chanting of Rahu beej mantra with clean mind and just focus on mantra wording.

2. Donation of Rahu’s metal

Donating Rahu’s metal, such as iron or lead, is also an effective remedy. One should donate this metal to the poor or the needy. You can also donate oil, black or blue cloths in temple or needy one.

3. Worshiping Hanuman Ji

Worshiping Hanuman Ji and reciting Hanuman Chalisa can reduce the effects of Rahu. Hanuman Ji is considered to destroy the negative effects of Rahu. So everyone should chant Hanuman Chalisa daily.

4. Wear of blue and black color

Use of blue and black color can also reduce the effects of Rahu. One should wear these colours in their clothes and home decoration. Apart from that donation of this cloths also very helpful to overcome bad effects of Raha graha!


The signs of weak Rahu and their results can create many types of problems in a person’s life. One can get rid of these problems by adopting the remedies given in Vedic astrology.

By understanding the negative effects of Rahu and taking appropriate measures, one can make his life better. With astrological consultation and regular worship, the effect of Rahu can be reduced, which can make a person’s life happy and prosperous.

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