Donation Items for Rahu Graha – What to Donate to Remove Negative Effects?

donation items for rahu graha

Rahu graha is considered to be an important and powerful planet in hindu Vedic astrology. Rahu, which is a shadow planet like Ketu Graha, can have negative effects in many areas of a person’s life. Various type of general remedies or remedies mentioned in lal kitab and donations are recommended to reduce Rahu graha negative effects.

In this article, we will let you know about what items are associated with Rahu graha, and by donating what items the negative effects of Rahu, can be reduced.

Effects of Rahu Planet

The effects of Rahu planet can be seen in the form of sudden changes in a person’s life, mental stress, and unknown fears. This planet symbolizes illusion, deceit, and unfulfilled desires.

In case of Rahu Mahadasha or Rahu being poorly placed, a person may face problems in career, health, and personal life. Therefore, it is extremely important to do proper charity to reduce the negative effects of Rahu.

Remedies to Reduce the Negative Effects of Rahu

1. Donation of Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds are related to Rahu planet and donating them helps in reducing the negative effects of Rahu. Donating black sesame seeds gives a person mental peace and stability.

2. Donation of blankets

Donating blankets is another important remedy to reduce the negative effects of Rahu. Especially, donating blankets on Saturdays to needy or poor reduces the effects of Rahu.

3. Donation of coconut

Coconut is considered very effective in reducing the negative effects of Rahu planet. Donating coconut to the temple gives relief to the person and reduces the effect of Rahu planet.

4. Donation of blue clothes

Blue clothes are associated with Rahu planet. Donating these clothes to the poor or needy reduces the negative effects of Rahu graha and you get blessings and fruitful results.

5. Donation of mustard oil

Mustard oil is related to Rahu planet. By donating mustard oil, the negative effects of Rahu can be reduced. Donating mustard oil to the poor is an effective remedy to reduce the ill effects of Rahu.

6. Feeding a black dog

Feeding a black dog reduces the negative effects of Rahu. This remedy is simple and doing it regularly helps in reducing the effects of Rahu.

7. Donate Gomed Mala

Gomed ratan is recommended to those who are in the bad influence of Rahu graha. It is advised donate Gomed mala in temple and this will help to remove Rahu’s bad effects.

Scientific Viewpoint and Vedic Beliefs

The importance of donation is considered to be high in Vedic astrology. Donating purifies the karmas of a person and reduces the effects of negative planets. From a scientific point of view, donating gives mental satisfaction to a person and increases positivity. It is also beneficial from a social point of view as it helps the needy people of the society.


Donating is an effective remedy to reduce the negative effects of Rahu planet. Donations such as black sesame seeds, blankets, coconut, blue clothes, mustard oil and feeding a black dog reduce the effects of Rahu. These remedies are beneficial not only according to Vedic astrology but also from a social and mental point of view. Therefore, by adopting these remedies, a person can reduce the negative effects of Rahu in his life and achieve happiness and peace.

The remedies and donations that mentioned in this article are based on Vedic astrology and ancient beliefs. Before doing these, it is necessary to take advice from an expert astrologer so that the right measures can be taken in the right direction.

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