Make Rahu Graha Auspicious with 2 Mantras & 15 Vedic Remedies

Beej mantra of Rahu (Om Rahave Namah)

The influence of Rahu is considered very important in the horoscope. If the position of Rahu is not favourable in person’s birthchart, many problems may arise in a person’s life like confusion, addiction.  But if you know the right mantras and Vedic remedies then Rahu can be made auspicious and it will start giving you fruitful results.

2 very powerful  mantras related to Rahu graha are:

  • Rahu Beej Mantra: Om Ra Rahve Namah.
  • Rahu Tantrik Mantra:Om Bhram Bhreem Bhraum Sah Rahave Namah

Faqs regarding Rahu Graha Mantra

  • When to chant ? Anytime
  • What is best time to chant? Before sunrise, after sunset
  • Daily count? 108 times or multiple of 108
  • Total count? 18,000 times
  • Who can chant? Anyone (no age restriction)

15 Vedic Remedies to Make the presence of Rahu Auspicious 

  1. Do fasting: To get the blessings of Rahu, fasting on Monday and Saturday is considered beneficial.
  2. Consume Veg products: Sugarcane juice, curd, coconut water or sandalwood should be consumed.
  3. Be positive: One should maintain a smile and avoid negative thoughts.
  4. Wear Gemstone: Wear Gomed stone either in finger or as jewellery in neck.
  5. Worship Rahu:  To please Rahu, take bath and offer vermilion and saffron and red flowers.
  6. Chant beej mantra: Chant the beej mantra of Rahu without any negative thoughts.
  7. Donate:
    • To get maximum benefits, donate blue cloth, sesame oil, jaggery, iron, gomed stone  in temple in night! d
    • Donate black blankets to beggars!
    • Offer 3 – 5 radishes in  shiv mandir either on Wednesday or Saturday.
  8. Feed Dogs: For 7 days give sweet bread (मीठी रोटी ) to black dog.
  9. Avoid important work: Any important work should be avoided during Rahukalam.
  10. Offer Rudraksh mala: Rudraksh garland should be offered to Rahu.
  11. Mahamrityunjay mantra: Chant the mahamrityunjay mantra or Om Namah Shivay daily 1 mala!
  12. Lead remedy: Take 8 prices of Lead Float all pieces of lead in water (बहते जल में प्रवाहित करें।).
  13. Silver remedy: Keep a sqaure shaped solid piece of silver nearby.
  14. Feed the birds: Take black oil sunflower seeds or suet cakes filled with nuts, fruits and seeds and feed them to birds.
  15. Worship Rahu yantra: Buy rahu yantra related rahu dev, and worship daily with clean mind!

With these 2 mantras and 15 Vedic remedies, the influence of planet Rahu can be made auspicious and a favorable environment can be created to move ahead in life. You can also consult an experienced astrologer and get more information regarding Rahu Dev. Astrologers will help you remove the bad effects of Rahu, so you can focus and achieve success!

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