Rahu ko Majboot Kaise Kare? लाल किताब उपाय

Rahu ko Majboot Kaise Kare

Planets are made up of combinations of constellations and they have an impact on our lives. According to Vedic astrology, Rahu is considered to be an extremely influential planet which has a deep impact on our lives. Inauspicious position of Rahu can cause many problems like – financial difficulties, obstacles in job, health problems and discord in relationships. Therefore, strengthening Rahu is considered important in Vedic astrology and by making it strong in horoscope a person get magnification benefits.

General Remedies

Initially, there are some ways to strengthen Rahu with a calm and well-organized mind.

  • Rahu Worship: Concentrate on the idol or picture of Rahu for some time every day and worship it. Rahu mantra “Om Rahave Namah” can also be chanted for 108 times.
  • Daily Worship: Rahu should be worshiped daily. For this use raw wheat, sesame, black pepper, and jaggery and donate all these items in temple or someone poor.
  • Rahu Yantra: Get Rahu Yantra made from an expert and keep it with you. It should be kept in the north-east direction. You can buy it from the online stores or offline stores
  • Fasts and Fasts: Fasts and fasting related to Rahu can be observed on some special days. This helps the natives to remove and reduce the ill-effects of planet Rahu

Apart from these measures, some other things are also worth noting:

  • Charity and charitable works: The effect of Rahu can be reduced by charity and charitable works. Serve the poor and needy.
  • Mantras and Sorceries (मंत्र और टोने): Some special mantras and sorceries help in pacifying Rahu. One should keep chanting these.
  • Jaap of Lord Shiva: Worshiping Lord Shiva will mitigate the negative impacts of planet Rahu. On either Saturday or Monday, people should observe fast. It is customary to visit the temple of Lord Shiva, present flowers to Dhatura and Bilva, and then partake in milk and fruits.

Lal Kitab Remedies

Some special measures have been mentioned in Lal Kitab to strengthen Rahu. These remedies are based on Vedic texts and old astrology. According to Lal Kitab, the major measures to strengthen Rahu are as follows:

  1. Kesar Tika: According to Lal Kitab, applying Kesar Tika strengthens Rahu. For this, saffron is mixed with cow ghee and applied on the forehead.
  2. Mouthband: A black colored mouthband should be worn while worshiping Rahu on Saturday. It is considered helpful in getting the blessings of राहु देव.
  3. Blue Sapphire: Wearing Blue Sapphire gemstone removes the inauspicious rays of Rahu. Sapphire should be worn in the fourth thumb or ring finger. You can also wear Hessonite Stone to overcome the negative effects of planet Rahu!
  4. Rahu Raj Yantra: The method of Rahu Raj Yantra is given in Lal Kitab. This yantra is made of mercury and should be installed in the north-east direction.
  5. Chanting Mantra: “Om Rahve Namah” Daily chanting of this mantra is helpful in pleasing Rahu. It is chanted 18,000 times.
  6. Special fasts: Some special fasts are also mentioned in Lal Kitab which are observed to get the blessings of Rahu. Among these, Savitri Vrat and Garuda Vrat are prominent.

According to Lal Kitab, by doing these remedies with meditation and faith, Rahu gets pleased and showers his blessings and the obstacles in life are removed. However, if the circumstances do not change even after doing all this for the peace of Rahu, then advice should be taken from an experienced astrologer. They can study your horoscope thoroughly and suggest the right solution for you.

Remember, it is very important to maintain patience and faith. It takes time for Rahu to calm down but if correct measures are followed then it will definitely be beneficial. Your difficulties will go away and your life will become happy.

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