Rahu Graha Shanti: Here’s Beej Mantra That You Should Chant!

Rahu Graha Shanti

In astrology, in the recognition of Navagraha, the two planets Rahu and Ketu are described as shadow planets. Among them, Rahu is the planet which acts as a hindrance in every work. It creates obstacles in the work that creates conflict and due to this the work being done gets spoiled hence many questions come in our mind that everything was going well but suddenly everything stopped. Customers were coming to the shop and now only a few customers are left, I got promoted in the last month but now the boss is threatening to fire me, my job is at stake and now nothing is as easy as before.

What is the reason for this?

If we try to understand it in astrology, then if the position of Rahu is not good in the horoscope, if Rahu is in an inauspicious position, then we see its negative effect in such a way that If the work being done gets spoiled, the work gets stopped in progress and unnecessary stress is created.  Apart from this, unknown fear, sudden fear, fear remains in the mind only is all due the weak Rahu in horoscope.

How to pacify Rahu planet?

This is the problem of most of the people in life and for this we have to improve the energy of Rahu planet, we have to move the energy of planet Rahu towards us. And for this, there are many mantras mentioned in Mantra Shastra for that, and among them one is one letter famous Beej Mantra of Rahu which you can chant daily.

In Hinduism

Mantra Shastra Rahu Mantra

  • English: Om Ram Rahave Namah
  • Hindi / Sanskrit: ॐ रां राहवे नमः

Tantra Shastra Rahu Mantra

In Jainism

In Jain tradition, for the peace of Rahu planet, it is suggested to worship Lord Neminath. If you are suffering from Rahu planet or if Rahu planet is inauspicious in your horoscope, then it is necessary to purify it. If you are struggling with the Mahadasha of Rahu, then we should worship the Chalisa of Lord Neminath for the peace of planet Rahu.

There is a special mantra of Lord Neminath which has been mentioned in Mantra Science. Chant this mantra on Saturday night and make the presence of Rahu graha strong in the horoscope.

In Hindi / Sanskrit:

ॐ नमो अर्हते भगवते श्रीमते नेमिनाथ तीर्थंकराय सर्वाण्ह यक्ष कुष्मांडी यक्षी सहिताय ॐ
आं क्रौं ह्रीं ह्रः राहू महाग्रह मम् दुष्ट ग्रह रोग कष्ट निवारणं सर्व शान्ति च कुरु कुरु ह्रूं फट्
स्वाहा ।
In English:
Om Namo Arhate Bhagavate Shri Neminath Tirthankaraya Sarvam Yaksha Kushmandi Yakshi Sahitaya Om
Aum Kraum Hreem Hrah: Rahu Mahagraha Mam Dushta Graha Rog Kasht Nivaranam Sarva Shanti Ch Kuru Kuru Hrum Phat Swaha

You must chant it at least 108 times!

The above mantra has a short form too, so if you bit uncomfortable then you can also chant the following mantra…

  • In Hindi / Sanskrit: ॐ आँ क्रौं ह्रीं ह्रः फट् राहू महाग्रह मम् सर्वशान्तिं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ।
  • In English: Om Aum Kraum Hreem Hrah Phat: Rahu Mahagraha Mam Sarvashantim Kuru Kuru Swaha

What kind of rosary do you want to chant?

For chanting Rahu Mantra, you should use a Rudraksha rosary. Rudraksha is associated with Lord Shiva and is used for peace, positivity and protection. Rahu is considered to be the son of planet Saturn and Saturn is also related to Shiva.

Rudraksha rosary usually has 108 beads. While chanting, you sit in a silent posture and keep rotating the rosary beads while chanting the mantra slowly. Also, you should chant with a calm and concentrated mind.

Some people also use Gomed, crystal or coral rosary for Rahu mantra. But Rudraksha is most preferred because it is associated with Shiva.

Rahu mantra count and best direction?

To chant Rahu beej mantra, the best direction is south direction.

The number of chants is fixed – it is 18,000 chants. You have to do 18,000 chants with determination, in one time period, from this time till this time and you have to pledge that I will complete this number up to that time period. And after that perform pooja or Yagya and later donate things like Lead, Black lentis, Black Cloths, Gomed Gemstone, Til ka Tel (sesame oil) in temple that are related to Rahu graha.

If you want to avoid unnecessary diseases, then for the peace of Rahu planet, you must donate medicine to the sages. After chanting the mantra, sacrifice the tenth part of yagya ritual and donate it after this. This will help in keeping Rahu planet calm in your life. If it gives auspicious results then we should wish that Rahu planet gives auspicious results in the life of all of us and for that we should take the help of Mantra Vigyan because Mantra Vigyan contains the solution to every problem of life.

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