9 Grah Mantra in Hinduism

9 grah mantra (beej mantra for every planet)

As per Hindu astrology vedic science there are 9 grah mantra for 9 planets and these 9 graha mantra give positive energy and remove obstacles from a person’s life.

Hindu rituals and spiritual practices are deeply interwoven with the navagrahas, the nine celestial bodies in Vedic astrology which influence human affairs. Chanting mantras associated with these nine planetary deities has been an integral part of rituals within Hinduism since ancient times.

As an experienced Hindu astrologer having studied the effects of these nine grahas (9 ग्रह मंत्र), We can explain the significance and benefits of chanting their mantras as part of spiritual practice.

What Are the Navagrahas?

The navagrahas represent cosmic divine forces governing karma, dharma, and destiny. They include Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangala (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu and Ketu. While the grahas are astronomical bodies, they are revered as conscious deities in Hinduism.

Hindu scriptures such as the Puranas describe legends related to the navagrahas and their relationships with other gods. Each graha has its own personality, attributes, gemstones, colors, day for worship, foods for propitiating, and more. As an astrologer, understanding the navagrahas is essential to analyze planetary positions and effects on people’s lives.

Why Do We Chant 9 Grah Mantras?

#1. Appeasing Planetary Deities

Each graha symbolizes a cosmic force that can positively or negatively influence worldly life. Chanting mantras is believed to appease the respective deity, gaining their blessings to mitigate troubles related to them.

#2. Removing Obstacles

The 9 navagraha mantra are said to govern various spheres from health to relationships to finances. Each represents certain obstacles in life. The related mantra empowers one to overcome those hurdles.

#3. Gaining Specific Benefits

Each graha is also the lord of certain life domains. People thus chant corresponding mantras to achieve benefits in those areas – e.g. Surya beej mantra for leadership, government jobs, and authority, or Shukra beej mantra for wealth, satta king, and luxury.

#4. Balancing Energies

Some believe that chanting all navagraha mantras balances the cosmic forces governing destiny and karma, promoting overall wellbeing and spiritual growth.

Thus people include navagraha mantra chanting within rituals and remedies suggested in Vedic astrology to mitigate difficult planetary periods, empower themselves, and grow spiritually. These mantras have been prescribed  by many astrologers to their clients for targeted outcomes related to specific grahas.

9 Nav Grah Beej Mantra

As someone well-versed in Vedic astrological texts and rituals, I can provide an overview of the mantras related to each navagraha within Hinduism:

1. Surya Mantra (Sun):

  • English: Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namaha
  • Hindi: ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः ॥

It is chanted for physical vitality, leadership abilities, success in one’s field, and relief from ailing health.

2. Chandra Mantra (Moon):

  • English: Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Sah Chandraya Namaha
  • Hindi: ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चंद्राय नमः ॥

It is recited for emotional stability, peaceful mind, receptivity, and nurturing tendencies.

3. Mangala Mantra (Mars):

  • English: Om Kraam Kreem Kraum Sah Bhaumaya Namaha
  • Hindi: ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं सः भौमाय नमः ॥

It helps invoke courage, initiative, competitiveness and drive for achieving goals.

4. Budha Mantra (Mercury):

  • English: Om Braam Breem Braum Sah Budhaya Namaha
  • Hindi: ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः ॥

It enhances intelligence, communication, knowledge and skills for education, business etc.

5. Guru Mantra (Jupiter):

  • English: Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Gurave Namaha
  • Hindi: ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरवे नमः ॥

It attracts positivity, spirituality, wisdom, prosperity and conducive environment.

6. Shukra Mantra (Venus):

  • English: Om Draam Dreem Draum Sah Shukraya Namaha
  • Hindi: ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः ॥

It helps manifest sensuality, romance, luxury, wealth, comforts and artistic talents.

7. Shani Mantra (Saturn):

  • English:Om Praam Preem Praum Sah Shanaye Namaha
  • Hindi: ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनैश्चराय नमः॥

It helps strengthen patience, hard work and discipline and relief from saturnine troubles.

8. Rahu Mantra:

  • English: Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Sah Rahave Namaha
  • Hindi: ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः राहवे नमः॥

It helps gain worldly status, authority and wealth, appeasing Rahu-related troubles.

9. Ketu Mantra:

  • English: Om Sraam Sreem Sraum Sah Ketave Namaha
  • Hindi: ॐ स्रां स्रीं स्रौं सः केतवे नमः॥

It enhances spirituality, wisdom in occult subjects, sensitivity to higher realms.

The Origins and Significance of Navagraha Mantras

The 9 grah mantra trace back to Vedic or Puranic origins, encoded in Sanskrit verses. As they invoke cosmic planetary entities governing mortal existence, the mantras relate to universal prayer, divine energy and spiritual enlightenment.

In Vedic astrology, sages have assigned each mantra to strengthen specific realms of life represented by the respective graha. Through spiritual science and experience, ancients also identified reciting navagraha mantras as an effective remedial measure for difficult planetary periods.

Chanting thus aims to mitigate suffering, while increasing positive influence of the grahas on health, career, relationships and so on. Though mantras work indirectly via the consciousness principles behind the navagrahas, people have experienced tangible effects from mantra repetition.

How to Incorporate Navagraha Mantras Into Your Practice

Here are some recommendations on adopting navagraha mantra chanting for auspicious results based on Vedic principles:

  • Chant each mantra for 9, 21, 27, 54 or 108 times daily. They may be spread across morning/evening routines.
  • Face East or North while chanting. Chant in the same place to strengthen vibrations there.
  • On each navagraha’s weekday, chant 3 extra rounds of their mantra to honor them.
  • You can chant for a particular objective related to one navagraha’s domain. Or cycle through all mantras for overall wellbeing.
  • Use rudraksha malas on the fingers or a rudraksha garland, while chanting to amplify effects.
  • Those facing major troubles can undertake more elaborate sadhanas like homas, pujas or yajnas with mantra chanting.
  • Whenever starting something new, first do short chanting of the related navagraha mantra for blessings.


The 9 grah mantra provide a profound paradigm for understanding circumstances affecting mortal life, destiny and self-empowerment.

It reflects the ancients’ remarkable grasp that while material forces run the universe mechanically, divine cosmic principles and energies shape tangible existence. The navagraha mantras allow bridging between gross sensory reality and subtle forces guiding it. Through mantra repetition, we harmonize our own consciousness with the divine intelligence governing life’s intricate unfolding.

This elevates not just oneself but all those connected at unseen levels with us.

If you ever feel low in life and would like get success then consult with an astrologer and start chanting nav grah beej mantra daily once or twice in front of 9 grah yantra or a respective yantra.

By doing this, you can feel positive energy and remove obstacles from your life.

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