Sri Shani Chalisa PDF (English) / श्री शनि चालीसा (हिन्दी)

This is an image of shani chalisa pdf cover in color where shani dev riding a chariot led by a crow

Download Sri Shani Chalisa PDF in English and those who prefer Hindi, they can also get the श्री शनि चालीसा हिन्दी version in PDF. The English version will have the lyrics of Shani Chalisa in plane English while the Hindi version is written in Devanagari script and anyone can read it without any issue on the mobile or tablet for free.

The below given Sri Shani Chalisa PDF in English or Hindi can be download easily in just 1 click on any device and you can read it / open it in the mobile browser like Chrome, Safari etc.

Key benefits of reading Sri Shani Chalisa on Each Saturday or During Sadi Sati:

  • It is believed to be a very powerful mantra to appease Lord Shani and get his blessings.
  • Reciting it regularly helps mitigate hardships and difficulties caused by evil effects of Saturn in one’s horoscope.
  • It extols Lord Shani as an embodiment of discipline, justice and wisdom.
  • The prayer pleads to Shani for forgiveness of sins and protection from adversities.
  • It can be recited on Saturdays and during major Saturnian phases like Sade Sati or Shani Mahadasha.
  • Many Hindus recite it faithfully to seek an easy passage through testing astrological periods.

If you would like to print the Shani Chalisa PDF content on hard paper, then you can do so by taking the prints of each and every page on white A4 sheet. You just need 3 papers as the pdf of श्री शनि चालीसा is 3 pages long!

Apart from that, if you would like to buy a pocket version of Sri chani chalisa in Hindi or English ( tone would be in Hindi) in book form, then you can get it from the local or online stores under Rs 100. Based on the size, paper quality and chalisa main cover, the amount could be bit higher or lower, but it would not be more than Rs 100.

So that’s all about the Sri Shani Chalisa PDF. Download it now and save it on your mobile. This is a free pdf and you can share it to others on whatsapp, facebook, email.

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