10 Mistakes in Navagraha Mantra Chanting: Avoid Them and Get Auspicious Results

Avoid mistakes and Do Navagraha Chanting like this as show in the image!

Navagraha mantras have special significance in Indian culture. By chanting these, a person gets physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. But often people make some common mistakes due to which they do not get the full benefit of these mantras. So what are these mistakes? and what you will get by avoiding them? Let’s find out!

Well,  if you are one of them and want to chant Navagraha Mantra in the right way, then here are all the common mistakes which you can avoid to get auspicious results. Right way means you will get the benefit of a respective mantra which will improve your lifestyle in better way and keep you healthy and wealthy.

Awaken the Power of Navagraha Mantra Chanting: Avoid These 10 Mistakes

1. Incorrect Tone: Keep the Tone Clear and Correct

It is very important to take care of the correct tone and rhythm while chanting the mantra. If you do not pronounce correctly then the effect of the mantra will be less or none. For this you should practice the mantra and learn it by listening to its correct pronunciation. Also, your attention should be concentrated while chanting the mantra.

If you divert your attention then the effect of the mantra will be less. For correct tone you can check videos on Youtube and even you can take guidance from astrologer or pandit ji. These videos tutorials, and guidance of  astrologer will help to get your tone correct and once you will start chanting clearly, you will get full benefit of respective mantra.

2. Wrong Time: Do Mantra Chanting on Right Time

The another mistake that people make is not keeping track of the time of chanting the mantra. According to Vedic texts, there is a specific time for each planet when chanting their mantra is most effective. For example, Surya mantra should be chanted in morning 5 AM to 7 AM. Similarly, the Chandra mantra should be chanted at the time of evening.

If you do not chant the mantra at this time, then the effect of the mantra will be less. Hence, always know what’s the right time? Chanting mantra on right time can give more fruitful results.

3. Lack of Concentration: Do Chanting with Proper Attention

Lack of concentration is another reason why some people don’t get the auspicious results. According to Vedic texts, while chanting the mantra, a person’s attention should be concentrated and he should not do any kind of work. If you do any other work while chanting the mantra, the effect of the mantra will be less.

4. Wrong Count: Keep Track of Number and do for 108 Times

Mantra chanting count is very important and everyone must keep the track of chants. It is advised that whatever mantra you are chanting, chant it for 108 times and to keep the track you can use counter, japmala or even you can count on finger. For example, Rahu Beej Mantra should be chanted 108 times. If you do not take care of this number, the effect of the mantra will be less.

5. Lack of Emotion: Be Pure and Sacred While Chanting

Merely reciting mantras is not enough. While chanting, there should be a feeling of reverence and faith. According to Vedic texts, a person’s attention should be pure and sacred while chanting mantras. If you use any kind of obstruction or distracting element while chanting the mantra, the effect of the mantra will be less.

6. Inconsistent Chanting: Do it Regularly with Clear Intention

Chanting Navagraha Mantra should be practiced regularly. There is no fixed time or duration for chanting, but try to chant as regularly as possible. It would not be right to chant for one day and then leave it for several days. Make chanting a part of your daily routine and regular chanting for a short period of time is more fruitful than long chanting done irregularly.

7. Haste (जल्दबाजी ):  Do it slowly and clearly

Mantra jaap should not be done in haste or panic mode. While chanting, pronounce every word clearly and pay attention to the meaning of the mantra. Chanting is a peaceful process, not a competition. The slower and clearer the chanting, the more effective it will be. Hence, keep all distraction devices away, sit in room and then chant mantra slowly and clearly and focus on its meaning!

8. Tamasic Food: Be Vegan / Vegetarian (Avoid Onion & Garlic)

It is advised, do not consume Tamasic food like Non-Veg, Onion & Garlic. Even if you are vegetarian and you consume onion/garlic based food, then you won’t magical results upon chanting specific mantras. Alcohol based products like Wine, Beer, Vodka; If you consume any kind of food or drink while chanting the mantra, the effect of the mantra will be reduced.

So avoid all these Tamasic food – don’t drink alcohol, don’t need onion & garlic. Following a Sattvic diet and this will enhance the effects of mantras and you will also feel good.

9. Incorrect way of Chanting: Learn what’s is right way and chant

Whenever you chant – the body posture, time, and direction matters a lot. Apart from that, the method of chanting like Japmala, Counter, Counting on Finger these also matter.

  • Being a beginner, chanting with a digital counter or on finger is good enough; but later you must learn how to chant with a Tulsi mala, Rudraksh mala.
  • Regarding  body postures: Gyan Mudra/ Chin Mudra, Dhyana Mudra, and Bhairava Mudra are advised.
  • Lastly, god is everywhere so don’t worry about direction but if you know the direction then East and North direction is best for chanting or pooja!

10. Ignoring Astrologer Advice: Take Consultancy,Then Chant a Specific Mantra

If you are facing trouble related to a specific planet, consult an astrologer.  Astrologer can tell you about suitable gemstones, astrological instruments or other rituals to pacify the planets. Chanting Navagraha Mantra with astrological advice can give you maximum benefits and you can see it positive result in your life within few months.

In addition to that, chanting is not a burden and don’t expect for quick results. Just chant it with a clean mind, carefully, and without any greed. You’ll surely get fruitful results!

Finally, navgraha mantras are quite effective when said correctly, however proper chanting is required to get their full benefits. You may get the most out of chanting if you bear in mind the points made in this article. When chanting, have patience, faith, and faith. Regular practice will undoubtedly cause favorable improvements in you.

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