Why We Chant Navagraha Mantra While Offering Navagraha Samidha to the Fire of Havan Kund?

Why We Chant Navagraha Mantra While Offering Navagraha Samidha to the Fire of Havan Kund

Chanting a Navagraha Beej Mantra while offering Navagraha Samidha to the fire of the Havan Kund is a practice rooted in Vedic and Hindu traditions. The Navagraha Mantra is a set of powerful Sanskrit verses dedicated to the 9 grahas (planets) in our solar system.

These planets are believed to have significant influences on human life and destinies. The planets associated with the Navagrahas are Sun (Surya), Moon (Chandra), Mars (Mangal), Mercury (Budha), Jupiter (Brihaspati), Venus (Shukra), Saturn (Shani), Rahu (North Node), and Ketu (South Node).

The Navagraha Mantra is recited to appease and seek blessings from these planetary deities. It is believed that chanting these mantras with devotion and offering Navagraha Samidha (sacred herbs and wood) to the fire during a Havan (ritualistic fire ceremony) can have various positive effects on individuals.

Navagraha Samidha Offering Benefits

  1. Mitigate negative planetary influences: It is believed that unfavorable positions of planets in one’s astrological chart can lead to challenges and obstacles in life. Chanting the Navagraha Beej Mantra and offering Navagraha Samidha is considered a way to pacify and balance these planetary energies.
  2. Attract positive energies: By chanting the Navagraha Mantra, individuals seek the blessings of the planetary deities to receive their positive and auspicious influences. This can lead to better health, prosperity, and overall well-being.
  3. Improve mental focus: Chanting Vedic mantras is said to have a calming effect on the mind and helps improve concentration during the Havan ceremony.
  4. Spiritual purification: The act of offering Navagraha Samidha to the sacred fire is seen as a way to purify one’s mind, body, and soul, and to seek forgiveness for any past mistakes.
  5. Seek divine guidance: People also believe that chanting the Navagraha Mantra and performing the Havan with sincerity and devotion can help connect with the divine and seek guidance for a righteous and purposeful life.

Final Words

We chant and offer navagraha samidha sticks in fire ceremony to pacify all planets.

These navagraha sticks of wood are offered one by one to fire by chanting Navagraha Beej Mantra of each and every planet which invariably end with a “Swaaha!”

It is a way to invoke the positive energies of the planets, seek their blessings, and harmonize the cosmic forces to lead a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Apart from that, I would say it is an important ritual in Vedic astrology and Hindu spirituality to attain prosperity, good health, and spiritual growth!!

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