What is Navgrah Yantra and Best Direction to Keep it at Home

an image of navgrah yantra having all 9 navgrah with grah name and grah beej mantra

For better outcomes of navgrah mantra, a navgrah yantra is suggested by the astrologers as this enhances the chanting vibrations and also help to remove the negative effects from the home or person’s life.

The study of celestial bodies or Hindu astrology believes that the 9 planets (Navagraha) influence human affairs and determine the course of life. To mitigate afflictions caused due to ill-placed planets as shown in the birth chart or horoscope, learned astrologers often suggest Navgrah yantras which contains the energy if all 9 planets.

These yantras are based on sacred Hindu geometry (shapes and diagrams) that represents the 9 planets and helps improve planetary effects through dedicated worship and placement at home or office as per prescribed directions.

What is a Navgrah Yantra?

A navgrah yantra is nothing but a metal square plate in gold color. On this plate, 9 boxes are created and on each box a table of 3×3 (filled with some numbers) is printed with diagram like arrow, flag, shape, triangle etc.

Each box, as they are 9… represent 9 planets – Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangal (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu and Ketu.

Under every box, a beej mantra is written which you can chant daily.

So for how many time you have to chant, this is also mentioned on each and every box. In case, if it is missed then ideal count is 108 times which you can chant daily in morning or evening.

These yantras are prepared based on precise conventions, geometric patterns, shapes, lines, beej mantras that signify the movement and characteristics of each planet. They channelize cosmic energies to dispel negative planetary effects (dosha or curses) and confer fortune and good luck upon worship.

People following Hindu astrology commonly employ energized Navgraha yantras as remedies for weak, debilitated or ill-placed planets in the birth chart or navamsha chart. These yantras empowered by rituals help maximize positive outcomes for the occupants while protecting from adversities of life.

Professional astrologers after analyzing the kundli of a person may recommend a suitable Navgraha yantra to strengthen that particular planet and get relief from troubles.

For example, Shani yantra may be advised for people under the mahadasha or antardasha of planet Saturn to mitigate hardships, losses, disputes and delays caused by this planet of karma. There are specific beej mantras associated with each Navgraha. Chanting these Navgraha mantras while energizing the yantras spiritually charges them to shower practical and palpable results over time. Regular worship of the yantra through flowers, rice grains, incense along with the designated mantras leads to quicker benefits.

Benefits of Keeping Navgrah Yantra

Hindu Shastras and learned astrologers have lauded the following benefits of worshipping Navgraha yantras as guided by expert pandits:

  • Alleviates troubles and obstacles caused by weak planets in the kundli
  • Wards off negative effects of malefic planets during their adverse periods
  • Pacifies misplaced or debilitated planet to get positive results
  • Fulfils material desires and removes obstacles from important ventures
  • Safeguards against mental stress, diseases, misfortune and losses
  • Strengthens wealth prospects and invites fortune and longevity
  • Balances cosmic forces to progress in career, education and relationships

Scientific rationale behind yantra worship shows that dedicated rituals and concentration on the geometric patterns emits a positive energy field that interacts with the planet’s energy and brings harmony. For instance, Shukra yantra worship helps appease planet Venus by raising the bioelectric frequencies around that individual thereby promoting wellbeing, fortune in relationships or luxuries.

How to Place Navgrah Yantras at Home?

While Vedic astrologers share detailed prescriptions for placement of Navgrah yantras to maximize results as per the kundli or problems faced, here are some common directions:

  • Surya (Sun) Yantra – Place in the east or north direction facing the east on Sunday
  • Chandra (Moon) Yantra – North direction on Monday
  • Mangal (Mars) Yantra – South direction on Tuesday
  • Budh (Mercury) Yantra – North-west direction on Wednesday
  • Brihaspati (Jupiter) Yantra – East or North-east on Thursday
  • Shukra (Venus) Yantra – South-east or West direction on Friday
  • Shani (Saturn) Yantra – West direction facing east on Saturday
  • Rahu Yantra – South-west direction or under the ground
  • Ketu Yantra – North or East direction

Apart from that if you are not buying all 9 yantras, and placing only 1 yantra having the diagram of all 9 planets then the best direction to place navgrah yantra at home (नवग्रह यंत्र को पूर्व दिशा में रखें) should be in the east direction facing west!

The yantras may be placed on bhojpatra leaves or yellow cloth. Light two diyas with ghrit-kumkum tilak offered on the sacred yantra. Alternatively, people also wear the Navgraha lockets, rings, pendants with respective yantras for protections and swift results. Consulting an expert vastu consultant ensures flawless directions for gaining utmost positive energy.

Worshipping the Navgrah yantra helps gestate miraculous powers in the yantras over time. The cross-vibrations from the planets get regulated while emitting constructive energy for worldly success, health and peace through this environ-friendly remedy.

Navgrah Yantra Price

In market, a lot of variation you can find related to navgrah yantra. The price of this yantra may vary and it depends on what type of quality of 9 grah yantra you are going to buy.

  • A wooden frame yantra of 24K gold plated will cost less, while…
  • A metal frame 24k Gold Plated navgrah yantra will cost you more.

If you don’t look for too much options then you can buy a standard size navgrah yantra under the price of Rs 500 from the local or online stores and place it inside the temple with other idols.

Final Words

That’s whole story of navgrah yantra and respective 9 grah.

Once you get it, just place it inside the temple and start worshiping it daily and chant the mantra for 108 times in morning or evening. This will fulfill your life with positive energy.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Place it at home, worship room, or office on a Tuesday.
  • Get up early in the morning, take a bath, and wear clean clothes.
  • Offer it Dhup, Deep and Fresh Flowers.
  • Chant Beej Mantra (Depends on What Planet is Weak in your Kundli) for 108 times.
  • View it every day.

To know about what planet you should worship you can either consult to an astrolger or numerlogist. Based on that, make a schedule and start chanting the beej mantra daily to get fruitfull results.

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