Navagraha Mantra in Telugu

Navagraha Mantra in Telugu

Navagraha mantras have been part of Hindu culture for centuries that denotes to the 9 planets. These powerful chants are believed to bring peace and harmony into the lives of those who chant them on a regular basis in morning or evening. Originally these mantras are written in Sanskrit language but if you looking for Navagraha Mantra in Telugu then we are here to help and let you know about all 9 mantras in Telugu.

It is said to invoke the blessings of all 9 planetary gods, including Surya, Chandra, Mangala, Budha, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu. Here’s all Navagraha Mantra in Telugu which you can chant any time in day or night as per the Graha Dosha in your Kundli in front of respective yantra.

సూర్య బీజ మంత్రం (Sun Beej Mantra)
ఓం హ్రాం హ్రీం హ్రౌం సః సూర్యాయ నమః।

చంద్ర బీజ మంత్రం (Moon Beej Mantra)
ఓం శ్రాం శ్రీం శ్రౌం సః చంద్రమసే నమః।

మంగళ బీజ మంత్రం (Mars Beej Mantra)
ఓం క్రాం క్రీం క్రౌం సః బౌమాయ నమః।

బుధ బీజ మంత్రం (Mercury Beej Mantra)
ఓం బ్రాం బ్రీం బ్రౌం సః బుధాయ నమః।

గురు బీజ మంత్రం (Jupiter Beej Mantra)
ఓం గ్రాం గ్రీం గ్రౌం సః గురవే నమః।

శుక్ర బీజ మంత్రం (Venus Beej Mantra)
ఓం ద్రాం ద్రీం ద్రౌం సః శుక్రాయ నమః।

శని బీజ మంత్రం (Saturn Beej Mantra)
ఓం ప్రాం ప్రీం ప్రౌం సః శనైశ్చరాయ నమః।

రాహు బీజ మంత్రం (Rahu Beej Mantra):
ఓం భ్రాం భ్రీం భ్రౌం సః రాహవే నమః।

కేతు బీజ మంత్రం (Ketu Beej Mantra)
ఓం శ్రాం శ్రీం శ్రౌం సః కేతవే నమః।

Navagraha Mantras have the potential to assist in the resolution of issues pertaining to one’s health, wealth, and relationships when they are chanted correctly and with an honest heart and mind. This form of mantra works on the level of mental energy to sweep away any bad energies that may be preventing you from making progress. It is believed that those who sing it will experience a greater sense of balance and harmony in their life.

These mantras can be chanted as part of your daily routine or during special occasions when seeking divine guidance. When chanted with devotion, these ancient chants can help guide you through difficult times and help give clarity in life situations. They also provide spiritual strength, courage and protection from negative forces.

Chanting Navagraha Mantra is an effective way to invite the blessings of the nine planets into your life, allowing you to overcome obstacles and achieve success. So take some time out of your day and give these powerful mantras a try – you never know what could be waiting for you around the corner!

For those who wish to further explore the mysterious power of Navagraha Mantra in Telugu, many books and audio recordings are available online or in local stores. These resources offer an excellent way to gain insight into the chanting process and help you make the most out of this powerful practice.

So dive deeper into the world of Navagraha Mantras and see what wisdom it has to offer!

Whether you are looking for guidance or protection, the Navagraha Mantra is sure to help. Chant these powerful mantras and bring positivity into your life – the rewards are sure to be worth the effort!

In addition to chanting, a traditional offering of flowers, fruits and incense can also be made to the nine planetary gods and you can do all this buy purchasing a respective god yantra like shani yantra, chanra yantra, rahu yantra etc. Doing so is said to bring peace and harmony into your life and allow you to tap into the energies of the nine planets.

So why not give it a try? You’ll never know what wonders may come your way and guys don’t forget to share the Navagraha Mantra in Telugu with others!

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