When to Chant Chandra Beej Mantra

Chandra Beej Mantra Benefits | How to Chant Chandra Beej Mantra

There is no hard-and-fast rule about when to chant the Chandra Beej Mantra, but if you want to reap the benefits and eliminate the drawbacks of Chandra dosha in a shorter amount of time, then you should begin reciting this mantra on a certain day and keep doing so until it is finished.

This will help you to achieve the goals more quickly and you will be able to overcome all the obstacles easily and move towards your goal in your life confidently.

So upon consulting with Pandit ji, if you come to know that the there is a Chandra Dosha in your Horoscope / Kundli and due to this you are now facing problems then you should chant the ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चंद्राय नमः ॥ daily for 108 times till total count of 11000 within 40 days or as early as possible.

FAQs –

When to Chant Chandra Beej Mantra?

If chandra is weak in your kundli then this mantra can give you strength but to know more, take the advice from an astrologer or you can also consult with an experienced Pandit ji regarding Kundli online.

So once you come to know that all bad is happening due to the Chandra like Chandra dosh is in your horoscope, Chandra is weak or Chandra sit in the wrong house, then you can start chanting  “Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Chandraya Namah”

What is the Right Time to Chant Chandra Beej Mantra?

There is no specific time mentioned for this, but still if you looking when to chant, then early morning or evening is best time and you should start its chanting from Monday as in Hinduism the day Monday is named as Somvaar (Soma+ Vaar) where the Soma is Moon and this all gives positive vibes.

Who can Chant Chandra Beej Mantra?

Anyone can chant ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चंद्राय नमः ॥. Whether you are male, female, adult, teen, old age, kid… anyone who has faith in Chandra Dev can chant this mantra and get the blessings.

What is Right Way to Chant Chandra Beej Mantra?

Prerequisites | पूजा शुरू करने से पहले आवश्यक ध्यान देने वाली बातें

  • Take Bath and Clean Yourself First.
  • Keep Chandra Yantra in Puja Sthal.

The right way is to chant ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चंद्राय नमः ॥ is that choose an empty place where you can sit or even you can go to the temple. If you are doing all this at your home at puja sthal, then it is even good and best place. Make sure the face should be in front of Chandra Yantra while chantingOm Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Chandraya Namah.”

Now focus your attention on Chandra Dev, and take the prayer beads in hand and chant Chandra Dev Beej Mantra for 108 times. After chanting, get the blessings of the deity with all the rituals and offer flowers, dhoop, and deep.

This will promote emotional balance, intuition, and spiritual growth in your life.

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